The World's Largest Transformers Located In Guiyang

- Nov 29, 2017 -

The world's chief science fiction theme park -- Guiyang East Valley of Science & Fantasy -- is about to be completed to meet with the world. The project is expected to be completed in December. At the same time, the height of 53 meters, 750 tons of steel consumption, the cost of 15 million US dollor to build a world's highest, biggest, "the most expensive"transformers.

"East Valley of Science & Fantasy" project covers an area of 2,000 acres and invests over 1.5 billion US dollor. The first phase of the project covers an area of about 500 acres, and the construction area is about 40,000 square meters. It mainly builds a large science fiction theme park centered on VR technology. The second phase of the project covers an area of 1,500 acres and will build a digital entertainment industry with science fiction application and research and development.

Based on the concept of "alien base", East Valley of Science & Fantasy Phase I will set up 13 themed venues with different shapes.People will use of big data, the latest VR technologies to build VR entertainment centers, VR cinemas, VR roller coaster, alien base, science fiction and fairy tale world, robot park attractions.

It is said that theme park will also have the science fiction theme restaurant, featured children's restaurant.Besides filling the belly, it also bring different wonderful experience. Themed commodities are also starcraft, science fiction, constellation, completely different from traditional ordinary goods.


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