Tips Of Maintain Water Park Equipments

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Water park equipment refers to all the equipment that can be used for entertainment on water. It covers a wide range of products such as Flume Ride. Every year, new designs of new products in water park equipment factories are emerging. How to maintain the equipments ,the following to share with you.

 1, every day before opening, water slides and other large water park equipment should be checked to see whether there are sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, water leakage. And make sure the water treatment equipment is functioning.   

2.Connector need be regularly checked and fastened.   

3,The stress concentration of bearing member should be regularly checked.Whether it occurs cracks and deformation.   

4, Underwater lights of the pool need to be regularly checked to ensure the degree of insulation of underwater lights meet the requirements. 

5,The water slide in the non-use period should be covered with plastic sheeting or cloth to prevent the slide from ultraviolet radiation,or it will turn to be aging, fading, cracks and so on .If there are cracks in the groove segment that should be repaired.   

6, Paint of metal frame surface should be checked whether the faded discoloration during non-use. If it is peeling that should be added paint to prevent metal corrosion, affecting the appearance and strength.

7, It is necessary to organize regular safety inspection and maintenance. 


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