Which Large Children's Rides Are Suitable For The Park?

- Jul 07, 2017 -

① Mini Shuttle Amusement Equipment is a new type of children's recreational equipment. The equipment has car modelling, animal modelling and many other styles, and with colorful lights and children's cartoon decoration, sitting in the car let children feel the feeling of mountains and rivers. And every one of our cars is fitted with a seat belt, and the children sit in it safe. The device is a very popular playground for children in the park.

② Joy Ocean Island Amusement Equipment is a new type of water amusement equipment. The equipment is relatively large, tourists will see in a very far place, and inside are all kinds of small creatures in the ocean, a variety of fountains, splashes and accompanied by beautiful music, is a very strong interactive summer entertainment project.

③ Bear haunt happy ball-spraying vehicle is a track-type children's playground. Very much loved by the children, the children can ride the rail train, you can also take the ball in the middle of the ball in the net, so as not only exercise the children's hand-eye coordination ability, but also let the children have fun, so many parents are happy to take the children to play, so this amusement equipment is the park's favorite children.

Large children's amusement equipment, luxury turning horse rides

④ Luxurious turn horse amusement equipment, turn horse is almost a playground, will have this traditional amusement equipment, the equipment safety factor is relatively high, and because its meaning is better, by the majority of tourists love. Now the change horse is also relatively fast, slowly the horse will become a variety of shapes, each shape will give visitors a good charm, is a playground enduring entertainment.

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