World's Largest Spokeless Ferris Wheel Will Open Soon In Weifang

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Recently, the Bailang river ferris wheel was completed in the Binhai District,Weifang, Shandong province. The wheel is designed with a non-axial wheel, with a diameter of 125 meters and a total height of 145 meters. There are 36 hanging cabin, each of which can take 8-10 persons and people will take 30 minutes to complete the journey.


The landmark wheel will install the WiFi and television sets, You can enjoy the beauty while doing some other entertainment.


How do the "spokeless" ferris wheel work? The team behind the project said that the body of the ferris wheel is not rotating, while the built-in motion gear will support the cabin to revolve around the ferris wheel.


Ferris wheel built in the Bailang River Bridge, which formed a unique style combined of wheel and bridge .This is the world's first design that adopts the formulation of grid format for largest ferris wheel.The Bailang river ferris wheel will become the most characteristic business card of Weifang city. 


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