Theme Park Rides Flying UFO

Theme Park Rides Flying UFO

The track of the flying UFO amusement ride is half round and in the track, there is a round colored platform, around which there are 22installed seats in total. The circular disk conduct self-spin from fast to slow, meanwhile, it sways back and forth along the arc track. And the seats with glass fiber reinforced plastic materials that has characteristics of environment production, safety, corrosion resistance, good stability, etc.. The flying UFO is also equipped with colorful lights, luxurious decretive appearance, cheerful and fierce background music, all of which make the passengers crazy and joyous, and also bring excitement to the onlookers. This machine is gaining deep affection from the young people.

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Rated Voltage: 380V 50HZ

Loading Capacity:22 persons

Rotation Driving Power : 7.5kw

Max Track Height:8.4m

Slide Driving Power: 44 kw

Max Running Height: 7m

Max Sliding Speed: 7m/s

Occupied Area: 25m*11m


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